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Solutions for some of our recent clients (CIMSOR does not divulge client names)

Optical reader. Developed software for device control & timing, user feedback and USB interface with data transfers up to 8Mbit per second. Included PC based Visual C++ software to graphically demonstrate operability and features of unit.

Audiovisual checklist. Developed and enhanced software in a dual processor system that presented  the user with verbal audio output requiring verbal responses. User verbal response was interpreted with a speech recognition processor causing list update in the master processor. System also supported an 'in-parallel' display/keypad for backup; and a 'training' mode for multiple user voices. Design allowed PC hosted download to a 64Mbit flash memory of control software (both processors), procedure list(s) and voice responses.

Boot loader for communications equipment. Developed a secure boot loader for communications equipment in a remote location. Loader was responsible for power-on detection of valid application software in a  multi-banked RAM and ROM 8051 based system, host notification of invalid conditions, secure download of application software, watchdog, flash control and bank switching support.

Diagnostics. Working from schematics and engineering support documentation, developed hardware diagnostics for a high-speed semiconductor test station. Failure detection level minimum was 90%.

Power conservation controller. Provided hardware/software integration, software design and debug. Developed unit control and interface software as well as Windows test software. Extensive USB interface and IR transmission capabilities. Tremendous flexibility in a small package.