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CIMSOR, Inc. has expertise in areas such as:

Hardware and Software Integration emphasizing cost reduced systems
A variety of computer languages including C, C++ and many Assemblers
Experience with many processor families including 8051, 683XX, X86 and PIC
Use of hardware debugging aids including Logic Analyzers, Scopes, ICE and other specialized products
Software debug support using both in-line and external software debug monitors
Extensive communications interfacing involving RS232, SCSI, USB and others
Development of proprietary Real Time Operating Systems
Implementations utilizing of-the-shelf RTOS
Specification and implementation of real time embedded products
Design and implement FLASH Boot Loaders
Design and implement downloaders for FLASH-based applications
Ground-up design and extensive analysis to provide the lowest cost solutions, thus maximizing customer profits
Conversion of embedded code to Microsoft Windows DLL's
Windows applications to assist debugging  and validation of Units Under Test
Windows applications using Microsoft Foundation Classes to gain statistical evidence of the limits to which Units Under Test perform their assigned tasks
Windows applications which support 'logging' features allowing diagnoses of  failure patterns
Windows GUI applications

We have hundreds of professional contacts:

Hardware design engineers (analog, digital, RF and others)

Breadboard and layout specialist

Prototype fabrication

Specialty  professionals