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Robert D. Boehlje

Senior Software Consultant

Highly experienced Senior Engineer with extensive background in microprocessor software and the design and implementation of embedded systems.  EE degreed individual with equally strong qualifications and interest in the design, testing, modification, and documentation of software solutions.

Technical Skills

Languages: Assembler, C/C++

Microprocessors: Intel 8085, Intel 8051 and derivatives such as Dallas 80C320, the PIC family, Motorola 68332, Motorola 68331, Motorola 68HC11, Motorola 68HC12 and family derivatives

In-Circuit-Analyzers, Logic Analyzers, In-Circuit-Emulators (ICE), Oscilloscopes

Real Time Operating Systems (proprietary and off-the-shelf RTOS)

Windows DLL, MFC Visual C++

Interface design: USB, RS232, SCSI, parallel, proprietary



Iowa State University; Ames, Iowa

Bachelors of Science Electrical Engineering